Mary Poppins Returns - "Turning Turtle"
Cousin Topsy (V.O.: Meryl Streep)

The Simpsons. Isabela
Havana Wild Weekend Episode: 603 (28x07)

Sense8. Shiro

"Tangled: The Series" - Ready As I'll Ever Be
Cassandra (Song): SONIA DORADO -V.O.: Eden Espinosa- Cassandra (Voice): CRISMAR LÓPEZ Varian : Miguel Antelo / Rapunzel : Carmen López Pascual / Rey Frederic : Juan Fernández Mejías / Reina Arianna : Olga Cano / Eugene : Javier Lorca (diálogos) & Tony Menguiano (songs) / Capitan de la Guardia : Rafael Azcárraga / Pete el Guardia : Luis Miguel Cajal / Stan el Guardia : Antonio Cremades

Tangled: The Series - "Queen for a Day"
Cassandra (Song): SONIA DORADO -V.O.: Eden Espinosa- Cassandra (Voice): CRISMAR LÓPEZ

Demo young voice 2
"Sheriff Callie's Wild West", Iron Sky (Sigfrid), Unconditional (Joe Bradford), "The Inbetweeners (Carly D´Amato), "The League" (Gail), "The Lost Medallion" (Allie)

Super Wings. Acting Up
Trevor (voice and songs) Season 1, Episode 50

"Unconditional" Spanish Trailer. Voice: Samantha Crawford (Lynn Collins)

LA CLARIDAD (Look for the Light)
THE LAND BEFORE TIME XIV. Journey of the Brave Etta (song): SONIA DORADO Etta: (voice): RAQUEL MARTÍN Piecito: CHELO MOLINA

Demo young voice
Fragments from the film "The Lost Medallion" and from the TV series "The Inbetweeners"

Tower block
"Tower block" Spanish Trailer. Voice: Becky (Sheridam Smith)

"Moscati" Spanish Trailer. Voice: Elena Cajafa (Kasia Smutniak)

Demo Voice-over
Fragments from the films "La poderosa sierva de Dios", "Saint Peter" and "Pablo VI"